What does “The Cloud” actually mean?

To some, the term cloud may seem daunting and ambiguous but actually, it’s a term used to really describe, “The internet”. Simply put, cloud computing is taking services, also known as ‘cloud services’ and moving them beyond a firewall to a shared structure. This means that any application or services are now accessible via the Internet and many people can use it at once. For example, take Google Docs: Imagine many users using this same document to add information and communicate; and one computer crashes while on that document, nothing happens! All the other shared users are still able to add to the document and continue working because this document is on the cloud. We no longer fear our computer dying or crashing because we are protected knowing that if it does, all our information will still be there on the cloud once our computer is turned back on!

  • Entirely cloud based
  • Any number of devices
  • Single sign-in
  • Disaster recovery
  • Access from anywhere
  • Real-time backups
  • Microsoft Office Office 365
  • Smart Office Home Systems
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Cloud background