Protecting your privacy in public wifi networks

One can connect to an unsecured network within range and without any type of security like a password or login. On the contrary, a secured network makes a user agree to all legal terms, register an account, or create a password prior to connecting to the network.

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Most of us use networks every day

If your office uses a wireless router to distribute Internet connectivity, that’s a local area network, also known as (LAN). All your office information as well as any documents can access that connectivity; this means that if your LAN is not secured, anyone can access that information. Your neighbor or that strange guy outside your office using his laptop can access that information too! Network security is particularly important, even for a home or office network, as that guy outside can be stealing your identity information from your unsecured network.

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Connecting to wifi networks when abroad

When one is travelling in a foreign country, there are various safety concerns around Wi-Fi that can be avoided with some simple suggestions. Although many tourists prefer to use a free coffee shop and restaurant Wi-Fi to avoid major fees on phone bills while abroad, this possesses a safety concern and can present some issues for your data security. We know that security and privacy issues arise when your devices and computers are at its most vulnerable and therefore recommend a few things to do. First and foremost, back up your documents. Whether you are using your laptop or mobile device, backing up your documents is a priority. Doing a backup ensures that your documents and memories are saved, and you can travel relaxed knowing nothing can happen to them.

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Work from anywhere with Office 365

Microsoft Office and Office 365 enables you to work to the best of your ability​ by providing you with the programs necessary for all of your personal and business needs. Create documents and elegant presentations with ease, communicate quickly and efficiently with a newly-designed email application, and design database apps for proficient productivity.

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What does The Cloud actually mean

To some, the term cloud may seem daunting and ambiguous but actually, it’s a term used to really describe, “The internet”. Simply put, cloud computing is taking services, also known as ‘cloud services’ and moving them beyond a firewall to a shared structure. This means that any application or services are now accessible via the Internet and many people can use it at once. For example, take Google Docs: Imagine many users using this same document to add information and communicate; and one computer crashes while on that document, nothing happens!

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What does it mean to migrate into a cloud

Cloud migration is the method in which we move a business into the cloud. Cloud migration, simply put, is like physically moving your furniture to a new home, except here it involves moving data, applications, and IT processes, into a new home (The Cloud).

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