How to connect to Wifi Networks when one is abroad?

When one is travelling in a foreign country, there are various safety concerns around Wi-Fi that can be avoided with some simple suggestions. Although many tourists prefer to use a free coffee shop and restaurant Wi-Fi to avoid major fees on phone bills while abroad, this possesses a safety concern and can present some issues for your data security. We know that security and privacy issues arise when your devices and computers are at its most vulnerable and therefore recommend a few things to do. First and foremost, back up your documents. Whether you are using your laptop or mobile device, backing up your documents is a priority. Doing a backup ensures that your documents and memories are saved, and you can travel relaxed knowing nothing can happen to them. Secondary would be to strengthen all passwords. This ensures hackers or spam is unable to get your password and you can use your online accounts with a little more assurance. Updating your antivirus software enables you to have utmost safety and prevents hackers from trying to get into your device. This is the most affordable and easy way to travel and use internet anywhere in the world. Lastly, avoid public computers. Using a public computer possesses many risks to your private information, people can gain access to your online activity or they can see your screen and personal information that they can use after you are long gone. Avoiding public computers is the safest way to go when you are traveling abroad.

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