There are two kinds of public Wi-Fi networks: Secured and Unsecured.

One can connect to an unsecured network within range and without any type of security like a password or login. On the contrary, a secured network makes a user agree to all legal terms, register an account, or create a password prior to connecting to the network. Regardless of it being a Secured or Unsecured, it is always suggested to proceed with caution. Its recommended to try to connect to a secured network over an unsecured network, if possible. In both instances, we suggest not accessing any personal bank accounts or sensitive data. When using both networks, shopping online is also not recommended because it requires one to input sensitive and personal information that can include a bank account or CC number. Another suggestion would be to turn off your automatic connectivity. Usually, any device like a smartphone or laptop will have automatic connectivity which allows you to connect to any hotspot wherever you are, although this seems helpful, we suggest turning off this setting especially in an unknown place.

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  • Real-time backups
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