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The Cloud is a collection of services and technologies that enable the delivery of real-time computing services over the Internet, giving end-users instant access to data and applications from any location, on any device with Internet access. Your data, software programs, and hardware network are no longer on your premises, and you now have Internet access. With DCWireNet as your Cloud provider, you'll be free of many, if not all, of the IT concerns that plague in-house networks. Call us right now at 561 338 2526, and we'll be happy to assist you.

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5 Reasons why you should move from on premise to cloud computing


5 Reasons Why You Should Move to the Cloud One of today’s primary locations for businesses to store data is the cloud. Check out this guide to find out five reasons why you should move to the cloud. Keyword(s): move to the cloud The majority of businesses now use cloud computing instead of on-premises legacy systems. The cloud hosts 95% of IT workloads. Seventy-eight percent of small businesses currently adopt cloud computing in their operations. Why is the popularity of traditional systems dwindling? What are the benefits of cloud computing? Why should I move to the cloud? Read on to discover 5 reasons why you should adopt cloud systems. Learn how the cloud can cut your monthly IT expenses. Discover how to securely back up your data and access it from anywhere. See how the cloud will scale in tandem with your company’s needs.

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What does The Cloud actually mean


To some, the term cloud may seem daunting and ambiguous but actually, it’s a term used to really describe, “The internet”. Simply put, cloud computing is taking services, also known as ‘cloud services’ and moving them beyond a firewall to a shared structure. This means that any application or services are now accessible via the Internet and many people can use it at once. For example, take Google Docs: Imagine many users using this same document to add information and communicate; and one computer crashes while on that document, nothing happens!

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DCWireNet will always offer the most professional IT outsourcing services, using the most efficient, latest technologies with the full knowledge and understanding of our clients’ business needs. We strive to offer the greatest value for each client dollar spent while treating our clients as the valued family member they are.

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