Cloud Computing.

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Exactly What Is The Cloud?

The Cloud is a set of services and technologies that enable the delivery of computing services over the Internet, in real-time, allowing end-users instant access to data and applications from any anywhere, via any device with Internet access. Your data, your software programs and your hardware network are no longer in-house and your access is via the Internet. With DCWireNet as your Cloud provider, you will eliminate many, if not all of the IT worries that are too frequently part of an in-house network.

How Does It Work?

DCWireNet replicates all of your software, programs and data onto a series of off-site servers. (This is the essence of the Cloud!) Unlike the basic server you might have in your facility, these servers offer total redundancy so that if your ‘virtual’ server fails, a twin ‘virtual’ server takes over so that the server switch is totally seamless and you, the user, is not aware of the failure. You access your desktop via the Internet and have complete access to everything you would have had on your desktop as though the network server was in your facility. You log onto the site, key in your username and password and you’re ready to go.

How Can My Company Benefit From The Cloud?

Cost Savings: Corporate servers are estimated to run at only 15 percent capacity. Users of the Cloud can reduce or eliminate this waste and costly hardware investment as well as eliminating the cost of maintaining the hardware. The savings can also be measured by the reduction of in-house IT personnel. All servers and IT requirements are managed by DCWireNet, eliminating the need for many, if not all in-house IT personnel. Cost savings extend to the desktop as well. With the Cloud, no software needs to be installed on the desktop, saving time and money for IT departments and end-users. Since data is stored in the cloud, users can access their applications anywhere from any device with an Internet connection. As part of our IT Service fee, DCWireNet includes all of the latest Microsoft software such as Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel. Your software costs have now been dramatically reduced and all of your staff use the same software versions.

Agility: By using Cloud services, enterprises can scale up or scale down on an as-needed basis and pay only for what they use. In the past, scaling service delivery could take months. It can now be done in minutes.

Focus: For larger companies with more complex and sophisticated IT needs, IT departments can spend less time on deployment and maintenance and instead focus on more strategic initiatives that will have top and bottom line impacts.

Once you’re using Cloud technology, your employees will have access to their virtual desktop using almost any ‘smart’ device from any location with Internet connectivity. The efficiency of your company will expand exponentially.

You can start saving now!

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Is The Cloud Secure?.

The Cloud is often more secure than in-house systems. DCWireNet offers varying levels of security, based upon the client’s needs. It can vary from a simply firewall to multiple firewalls to encryption to certificate security in which each and every user has a specific computer or computers, with specific certifications registered for the network. Only these computers, in conjunction with proper username and password will be allowed access. The simple answer is a resounding “YES”. can make the cloud as secure as the client needs it to be.

What Is The Process To Get To The Cloud?

The process is as simple as can be:

  • DCWireNet will evaluate your current network and determine what Cloud resources you will require.
  • DCWireNet will allocate and prepare the amount of space your company requires on the Cloud, with the full capability of expanding as much and as quickly as your company’s growth dictates.
  • DCWireNet will replicate your entire network, including all software, data and users.
  • DCWireNet will activate your Cloud network and allow you to completely test the system to make certain that you are satisfied with its operation.
  • DCWireNet will turn on your new system and turn off your old system.