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Networking Services

DCWireNet will always offer the most professional IT outsourcing services, using the most efficient, latest technologies with the full knowledge and understanding of our client’s business needs.

All your IT and Support needs in one place

Most of us use networks every day.

If your office uses a wireless router to distribute Internet connectivity, that’s a local area network (LAN). All of your stuff office can access the connectivity. If your LAN is not secured, so can your neighbor or that strange guy outside your office using his laptop! Network security is extraordinarily important, even for a home or office network, as that guy outside can be stealing your identity information from your unsecured network. The networks we use become more complex and more sophisticated based upon the number of users as well as the amount and value of the data that flows through the network. Business networks tend to be many times more complex and require considerably greater security than your basic home network. DCWireNet’s range of Network Services includes the proper construction, or infrastructure, of your network as well as the protection of your network from encroachment through the proper application of network security.
The infrastructure consists of both the selected hardware and the necessary software to make your networked system function at its highest efficiency. Whether it is the proper router, multiple power supplies to avoid system failure or a back-up and restore system that protects and actually makes sense for your business, DCWireNet always designs your network based upon your specific needs. Our network infrastructure designs are functional, efficient and are as scalable as your business growth.

Once your network system is up and running.

it is vital that it is not harmed by outside assault. Your system’s network access point is the most frequent target for assault due to its vulnerability. This means that the network access point is the very best place to secure your network. DCWireNet is expert in preventing unauthorized entry to your system, whether the assault comes from a simply spammer or from a sophisticated hacker. We will use the best firewall(s), spam blockers and anti-virus software to assure that your network system is safe and secure.
DCWireNet designs, installs and protects Network systems. If you have an existing system that requires additional protection or service, we are there for you. If you really want the most cost effective and secure network system, see our page on Cloud Computing.


The Cloud Computing is a set of services and technologies that enable the delivery of computing services over the Internet, in real-time, allowing end-users instant access to data and applications from any anywhere, via any device with Internet access.


Once you’re using Cloud technology, your employees will have access to their virtual desktop using almost any ‘smart’ device from any location with Internet connectivity. The efficiency of your company will expand exponentially.

Ready to get a best solution for your business?

DCWireNet IT Support & Service will make certain that your system is working perfectly and provide you with performance and service reports

Is The Cloud Secure?.

The Cloud is often more secure than in-house systems. DCWireNet offers varying levels of security, based upon the client’s needs. It can vary from a simply firewall to multiple firewalls to encryption to certificate security in which each and every user has a specific computer or computers, with specific certifications registered for the network. Only these computers, in conjunction with proper username and password will be allowed access. The simple answer is a resounding “YES”. can make the cloud as secure as the client needs it to be.

What Is The Process To Get To The Cloud?

The process is as simple as can be:

  • DCWireNet will evaluate your current network and determine what Cloud resources you will require.
  • DCWireNet will allocate and prepare the amount of space your company requires on the Cloud, with the full capability of expanding as much and as quickly as your company’s growth dictates.
  • DCWireNet will replicate your entire network, including all software, data and users.
  • DCWireNet will activate your Cloud network and allow you to completely test the system to make certain that you are satisfied with its operation.
  • DCWireNet will turn on your new system and turn off your old system.