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Voip Phone Service

DCWireNet will always offer the most professional IT outsourcing services, using the most efficient, latest technologies with the full knowledge and understanding of our client’s business needs.

VoIP Phone Service and Cloud Communication.

VoIP Features that perfectly match your business needs Cut your phone bill 50% on average today

Any device, anywhere, anytime DCWireNet mobile

app turns your employees’ desk phones, laptops, tablets, and smartphones into mobile offices, giving them 24/7 access anywhere they have an internet connection.
* Free Number Porting * Free Local or Toll-Free Number * Unlimited Calling • Auto Attendant * Hold Music * Free Online Faxing * Text Messaging / SMS * DCwireNet App * Professionally Recorded Greeting * Unlimited Conference Calls * Call Recording * Voicemail to Text Delivery * Voice Analytics

What is VoIP and how is it useful to my business?

There are many benefits of VoIP over the traditional dated phone systems. In 2020 we have come to understand that a lot of businesses are going virtual and doing the best they can to communicate effectively with clients and co-workers.
Virtually, every business will greatly benefit by implementing this hi-tech and user-friendly communication technology.
As such, DCWirenet now offers the advantages of VoIP to all businesses interested in lowering their cost, having mobility from your devices, having more simplified conferencing, network flexibility and world-wide access.

DCWireNet App

Get the DCWireNet desktop app or Android / iOS app on your mobile device. Start chatting with your teams and customers with a fast internet connection!

Text Messaging

Send texts from your WiFi-enabled mobile phone or desktop. Get unlimited texting to and from your business phone number.

Auto Attendant

Let DCWireNet auto attendant feature streamline your call routing. You can also apply call forwarding to your auto attendant.

Voicemail to Email

Now it’s easy to listen to voicemail messages on the go from your email account. Listen to call recordings on your mobile app, laptop, or desktop

Call Queuing

Route phone calls to the right department with DCwireNet phone solution. Instantly turn on call waiting, voicemail, and call forwarding for incoming calls.

Unlimited Calling

No per-minute charges when you place calls to the United States and Canada. Get advanced features like unlimited conference calling, faxing, and SMS messages.

Ready to get a best solution for your business?

DCWireNet IT Support & Service will make certain that your system is working perfectly and provide you with performance and service reports