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Having an impressive website is a good start.

If no one knows your website exists, no one will benefit from what makes your website impressive. More importantly, you will not generate business from your website unless potential customers know how to find you. DCWireNet can help you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is defined as the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a website by ensuring that the site remains high on the list of results returned by a search engine. Search engines, Google, Yahoo Bing, etc. display their results according to well defined and structured algorithms. Although the algorithms are a ‘trade secret’, a well defined science has sprung up that has discovered what key words in which significant placement will determine which listing appears first. DCWireNet has studied this science and we know how to design or change your website to maximize your SEO results.

A website that is slow to load, not user or mobile friendly will cause the consumer/costumer to leave your website just as fast as they logged on! The data shows that 47% of consumers believe a web page should be able to load in two seconds or less and 40% abandon a website that takes more than three seconds to load. Just this statistic should encourage any website to optimize its site’s load performance and should be a top priority!

Its essential for a website to use an HTTP for the costumer to feel comfortable to go on the site. The reason being is that using an HTTP safeguards all interaction/communication and customer information. This means that business that require you to put your personal information and Credit Card will keep that information safe. It also lets the consumer know that this website is legitimate since HTTP websites can be verified. A good analogy to think of an HTTP would be that it “locks the door prior to starting a meeting.”

Its important to know that when you embark on making a website that the name you put for it is just as important as the content on the website. No one is interested in long URL’s because they are hard to remember and too long to put in the search bar. Consumers like short and exact names that can tell the consumer exactly what your website is about.

It is vital for the website content creator to create compelling and easy to understand title tags and meta descriptions. Since it is the first thing people see when they enter your website, one needs to make sure that it relates to your content and easy to understand. This is also important since google often shows the title tag right under your link in google searches.

Using the right keywords is what brings your website traffic. After Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm update, we were notified that google would look for words with related meaning. This means that it is important to do your research, study your content/website and create important and right keys for your website. Doing this ensures that the right costumer is coming to your website.

DCWireNet has a proven track record.

DCWireNet has a proven track record in the Search Engine Optimization and in increasing the leads our clients enjoy from their websites. We all search the Web every day, but studies have proven that a great majority of us do not search past the first page of results. The word Google has become synonymous with searching the World Wide Web and but it is not the only search engine. DCWireNet can get your website on the first page of all search engines.

Making certain that your company is on that first results page is critical for your company’s Internet marketing and sales success. Contact us and tell us that you want to be on the first page and DCWireNet will get you there.