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5 Reasons why you should move from on premise to cloud computing

5 Reasons Why You Should Move From On-Premise to Cloud Computing

5 Reasons Why You Should Move to the Cloud

One of today’s primary locations for businesses to store data is the cloud. Check out this guide to find out five reasons why you should move to the cloud.

Move to the cloud

The majority of businesses now use cloud computing instead of on-premises legacy systems.

The cloud hosts 95% of IT workloads. Seventy-eight percent of small businesses currently adopt cloud computing in their operations.

Why is the popularity of traditional systems dwindling? What are the benefits of cloud computing? Why should I move to the cloud?

Read on to discover 5 reasons why you should adopt cloud systems.

Learn how the cloud can cut your monthly IT expenses. Discover how to securely back up your data and access it from anywhere. See how the cloud will scale in tandem with your company’s needs.

What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing delivers on-demand computer services over the Internet on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Cloud-hosted services include everything from applications to processing power and storage. Anyone can lease a particular service as required. You can estimate your bill using an online calculator.

For instance, Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers over 200 products. These include S3 object storage, EC2 computing instances, and Aurora databases.

Types of Cloud Computing Services

Cloud services cover a wide net including Software as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service. Common examples include:

  • Data storage
  • Application deployment
  • App push notification services
  • CPU Processing
  • Machine learning and AI

The cloud offers all of the services that on-premises systems have traditionally offered. Yet, some companies hesitate before making the jump. They’re concerned about the security, cost, and availability of a cloud-hosted solution.

So why move to the cloud? Here are 5 reasons that will encourage you to rethink your IT strategy.

1. Move to the Cloud for Huge Savings

Enjoy the economies of scale of cloud infrastructures and reduce monthly overheads by 50%.

For example, SaaS has overtaken traditional software distribution. Microsoft Office is now available as a web app that will work on any browser. Subscription fees are a fraction of the suite’s previous cost.

2. 24/7 Remote Connectivity

Offer uninterrupted access to your data no matter where your workforce is.

Employees can access apps and information from any smart device. All they need is an Internet connection. Downtime is rarely an issue due to the multiple instances of cloud networking.

3. Secure Storage

You can store data on the cloud at a fraction of the cost of external hard drives.

Amazon’s Glacier service begins at $0.0125 per GB for infrequent access. For simple object storage, Wasabi offers 1TB of data for $5.99 per month.

Top-tier security comes as standard in all cloud products.

4. Rapid Scaling

Your IT systems can grow as required on the cloud.

You no longer need to purchase additional servers or rack space. Simply request additional CPU instances or let a load balancing service do the hard work.

5. Constant Network Monitoring

Track who has access to your systems with the cloud’s network monitoring tools.

You can create user group policies and manage them remotely. DCWireNet can guide you on best practices and the right products for your specific needs.

Tap Into the Benefits of Cloud Computing With DCWireNet

When you move to the cloud you remove the barriers of traditional on-premise computing.

You can connect to a worldwide network of systems and software at a fraction of the cost. The cloud’s agility means it will scale with your business.

DCWireNet has helped our clients to migrate to the cloud and access online services for over 25 years.

Our team of experts will show you how to make the transition by creating a detailed roadmap. We can replicate your entire network and enable you to test the system before going live.

5 reasons why you should move to the cloud

  • 5 Reasons why you should move from on premise to cloud computing

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