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What Makes a Good Website: A Quick Guide to Website Design

What Makes a Good Website?

A Quick Guide to Website Design

There has never been a better time for good web design, mainly as we are in this distanced-socially-everything-virtual pandemic. But investing in a well-designed, professional website may seem overwhelming to small companies, particularly when confronted with financial limitations and inadequate technological abilities. Alternatively, if you currently have a functional (though old) website, you may question the need for a makeover. However, research and studies constantly demonstrate that proper web design is crucial. If done right, the design of your company’s website influences your customers’ experience, lead generation, and, ultimately, your bottom line.

What We Mean By “Good Website Design”

You’ve undoubtedly heard the adage “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” which means that beauty is subjective. However, there is certainly some variation in how individuals interpret the design. In reality, science and psychology both support the notion that humans are attracted to fascinating things and have an inherently positive reaction to well-designed environments.

Color, form, and size are used in all designs as conventional components—and a sound designer utilizes such components to produce a consistent visual language. Consider it in the same way as you would the English language. We communicate by utilizing words, phrases, and punctuation that follow traditional standards, such as spelling and grammar, to convey our message. However, some people are naturally better at using this language than others.

Similarly, there is a difference between “good design” and “poor design.”  While we may not all be proficient at communicating visually, web designers have the knowledge and experience to communicate in that language. Therefore, to communicate effectively with your customers and prospects to maximize your return on investment, it’s crucial to join hands with a website designer.

Principles of a Good Website Design

Web design is essential for any website that wants to attract a steady stream of visitors and achieve significant levels of success. If you plan to launch a website, let us first help you grasp some of the fundamental website design principles to ensure your site is a resounding online success.

  • Know Your Purpose
  • Create a Visual Hierarchy
  • Use Simple, Clean Fonts and Colors
  • Publish Quality Content and Imagery
  • Embrace Whitespace
  • Keep the Navigation Smooth and Simple
  • Design for Every Screen/Page

The Final Cut

So, there you have it. The design and functionality are critical factors in determining a good website—it should achieve its intended goal of attracting visitors’ attention and communicating the brand’s message. Since every website serves as the company’s public face, various elements contribute to its overall design, and any part of the brand’s lacking image might be detrimental.

Website Design @ DCWireNet

What are you waiting for? Reach out to DCWireNet. With years of expertise in web design, we would be delighted to assist you in getting your site up and running correctly. It all starts with a thorough website examination to identify any pain points—followed to determine whether your website needs a complete redesign or only needs a facelift to compete with the competition.

What makes a good website

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